Before we do our turn!

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The servants of the brotherhood of Zionism and Imperialism continue to take part as co-conspirator leaders in almost all of Islamic geographies!

When the date was December 17, 2010 a very sad event occurred which would make the world hear the name of 26 years old Tunisian Mohammed Buazizi.

Buazizi was a young person who was trying his best to sustain his family by selling vegetables and fruit in the market as he had no other jobs!

That day was his last day to work in his life, not only in the market.

When the constabulary and security forces wanted to seize his stand, he resisted them and eventually burnt himself after the violence, insult and humiliation he was exposed to.

Buazizi was taken to the hospital with ninety percent of his body burnt, but he did not survive and passed away on January 4, 2011.

A day after, people went on streets to demonstrate their reaction; and this civil insurrection started in Tunisia against the dictators and exploitation spread to North Africa and Middle East.

Arab Spring, name given to the demands of democracy, freedom and human rights, has by time turned into the winter.

New co-conspirators, invasions and partitions have become the success of those who wanted to redraw the map of Middle East!

Especially in countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen, life is worse than before!

In addition to the struggle with masses that are distant from the concept of ummah with the embittered ethnic and sectarian differences; the excuse for Afghanistan and Iraq occupations Al-Qaeda has been set aside and ISIS was put to the forefront.

This organization is completely contradictory with the Islamic discipline, and it executes its operations in Muslim geographies due to its mission.

As the organization has took over some regions in Syria and then left them to PYD easily; this could be considered as the most obvious indicator of the plans to establish a terrorist state like Israel at the borders of Turkey.

When necessary, the organization has moved to Gaza Strip and tried to break the resistance, and struggled for the security of Israel; a manifestation of their essence!

The sad thing is that the alliance of evil which establishes such organizations, ISIS or else, is always successful.

They do not even need to change the methodology; and speaking about the same problems while confronting them and making no change is a huge problem for us!

But also no one is disturbed enough from this case and this increases the unawareness every day.

Executions are being implemented in countries such as Egypt and Bangladesh, and (may Allah protect) the elected President Mursi and high rank Ihvan members could be sent for execution at any minute.

Struggle of Turkey is not enough on its own. Since the “one minute” issue of President Erdogan, our country is in a closed war with all global forces.

With the excuse of Suruc, PKK has increased its terrorist attacks and this resulted with a move towards Kandil has delayed the efforts to put Turkey and PKK on the same side through a lie of supporting ISIS, and therefore to execute a structure like Iraq in Syria. But it seems very hard to bring the ummah together against those who have already made their B-C-D plans.

The problem is not only having 64 % of the energy resources of the world in the Middle East; Muslims have to remember their state of existence in this world and then look at how they live in order to cope with the Crusaders’ ideology today.

If a society does not change itself, Allah will not change them too!

While the Israelis consider shedding the Muslim blood as a success, the day we do our turn will be our end…

What do you think of looking again where we stand at the beginning of the end?


Arzu Erdoğral

Arzu Erdoğral

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