Passion for acting

Our lecturer on history of costumes, Canan Göknil started her lecture saying “Blood, sweat and tears.” We did not understand what she meant as were freshmen at the conservatory, but we all acted as we did.

If you have no passion, then it is very hard to engage in this occupation. That passion will always keep you fresh. It will shake you and bring you back to yourself at the moments you give up. And when the day comes, you will be reborn from your ashes. On that day, you need to have words to say. You should collect words in your pocket.

 In fact, you have to collect always. You have to collect memories, you have to collect feelings, you have to collect people and when the right time comes, you have to use those in your bag to build the spirit and body of a character. At that moment, your own Renaissance as individual will become the Renaissance of your acting. You can survive through this long and troublesome adventure only with your “passions”. The actor/actress has to prepare for that specific moment and when the time comes, he/she has to put his/her own sing on the work.

He/she has to process his/her acting finely and with the patience of an artisan. Personal signatures in acting establish only through this. Our acting is actually the interpretation of an occupation which is blended by master-apprentice tradition.

 My masters are Savaş Dinçel and Oğuz Aral, both deceased. All of their words are still in the drawers of my mind. Dormen theatre and Haldun Dormen have been my guides in this long run, along with my dearest teacher Müjdat Gezen, who always invests on people. I have learned to love my job in a passionate way from them. I have also learned from them that it is much more possible to have a good actor from a good person…

Actor/actress must have an infinite hunger for knowledge and learning. Because, knowledge has an energy that returns back to the person as it is transmitted and feeds its source with a strong energy within dialectics. Because of this, talking about acting and transmitting the knowledge has always been more joyful for me. In this long trip, my belief and trust to the energy of youth was always complete. They were always an inspiration for me to regenerate.

This type of inspiration is the one you need most at your trip full with blood, sweat and tears. In depth of creating a character, you can find this joy. Once you put flesh on the bones of a character, that character will no longer be yours. Now it is delivered to the audience to whom it belongs in reality. He/she will continue the trip with the audience. The more pieces you have in that character, the more your personal signature appears in your character and this means you are on the right path. I always tell my students: “don’t do anything you do not feel on the stage…”

Any work which is fake or commercial can easily be understood. Trust the wit of audience. In depth of my personal signature lies my passion for this occupation along with the mark of the idea “acting as if not acting” in the words of Müjdat Gezen. Warm, sincere, but not ordinary. Something that seems to be imitative, but actually cannot be imitated, something hard….

Someone like one of us, but one of its kind. Working with the most important masters of natural acting, understanding and interpreting this idea in acting has been the single and most important work I have done in the past years for me. Now I am reaping the fruits of this work. I say “run, don’t walk” to new candidates of acting in my lectures. Don’t let anything discourage you and do everything you do with passion. Let the life surprise you always.

Set your soul free. Set it free, so you can discover your limits. Let the life pass through you. Let it leave gifts for you. Then you will be able to understand the matter of “blood, sweat and tear.”