PKK terror attacks in Turkey protested

Anti-terrorism protests held in Germany, Sweden and Belgium attract thousands

Thousands of people took to the streets of European capitals Sunday to condemn the latest PKK terrorist attacks against Turkey and commemorate the martyrs.

Turkey Youth Union (TGB) organized a protest in front of famous Cologne Cathedral in Cologne city, Germany. Despite the rainy weather, hundreds of protesters gathered to sing the Turkish anthem and hold a minute’s silence for those martyred.

The head of Turkey Youth Union, Mustafa Tosun said that all Turkish people in Europe stand by Turkish soldiers in these difficult days.

“We are seeing that today in Cologne, we saw it two days before in Frankfurt, in Amsterdam, Eindhoven,” he said, stressing they strongly reject violence.

Separately, about two thousands people gathered in Stockholm, Sweden, to commemorate the martyrs and oppose terrorism.

The protest, organized by Sweden Eurasia Association in Stockholm’s Segeltorp Square, was attended by Turks from Balkan states, Azeri citizens, Uighurs, and Iraqi Turkmen, among others.

Security forces took additional measures against possible incidents as PKK supporters also gathered to hold an unauthorized demonstration nearby.

Police arrested two PKK supporters for attempting to sabotage the pro-Turkish protest and harassment against Turkish nationals.

Another thousand people protested the latest terror attacks in Turkey in Brussels, Belgium.

People gathered in front of the European Parliament and chanted slogans “Martyrs won’t die, homeland won’t be divided”, “Turks and Kurds are brothers, PKK is treacherous”.

Following a suicide bomb attack in July — blamed on Daesh — in the province of Sanliurfa that killed 33 people, the PKK terrorist organization has renewed its armed campaign against Turkish forces.

Since July, more than 100 members of the Turkish security forces have been martyred in PKK terror attacks.