Russian steps in Syria are not acceptable, Erdogan

Times Of Turkey Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Russian intervention in Syria will lead to Moscow's regional isolation

Erdogan talk with journalist   before leaving for France, Erdogan said: “Unfortunately, Russia is now in a serious mistake and I was under the impression that this step will be a sign which will lead it [Russia] to isolation in the region.”


Erdogan asked: “What is Russia trying to achieve here? There is Assad who conducts state terrorism and unfortunately both Russia and Iran support this person.

“Countries that are collaborating with the [Assad] regime will give an account before history.”

Erdogan asked how many refugees are sheltering in Russia and Iran.

Turkey has welcomed Syrian refugees since the beginning of the civil war in March 2011 and is now hosting around two million people under temporary protection regulations.

“Up to now, we have spent $7.5 billion,” said Erdogan, adding it is Turkey’s “conscientious duty”.

The president reiterated the need of a safe zone to be established in northern Syria but added: “It is obligatory to have no-fly zone. Otherwise, it would be an area that is open to deaths.”