Some Israelis want to take Syrian refugees But Netanyahu says NO.

Times of Turkey Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit arrive at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. Netanyahu said Israel could not afford to take in refugees fleeing the war in neighboring Syria and vowed to surround Israel with security fences on all its borders

As Syrian refugees continued to pour into Europe over the weekend, some Israelis were calling on their government to open the border and allow in those fleeing the ongoing civil war in Syria.

But almost as soon as the discussion started, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discounted the possibility, saying, “Israel is a small, a very small country that lacks demographic and geographic depth.”

Instead, at his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, the Israeli leader announced that construction had started on a fence along the country’s eastern border with Jordan — a possible pathway for war-weary Syrians to reach Israel but also a way for extremists from groups such as the Islamic State to infiltrate the Jewish state. “We will not allow Israel to be flooded with illegal migrants and terrorists,” Netanyahu said in a statement.