The Global and Local Analysis of Terror

The worest senerio for the people is the terror description of thegovernments in political perspective.

That means my usefull terrorist is okay,‘good boy’ but if he is against me that is ‘bad boy’. For sure that helps whohas power and who is in charge and brings more benefits to that person but howabout the humanity? The side we chose is either humanitarian or wild instinctwhich parallel with same way terrorists take.

In fact NATO, EU and US support Turkey against terrorism thatincludes ISIL, PKK and others. In these days dramtic increases PKK terrorism inTurkey, we have to keep optimistic view on HDP-People’s Democracy Party thatchance she can leave distance with terror organization got sadly collapsed.That is the other paradox needs to focus seriously and anlysis on.

First of all in democratic view, no matter what we have to stay inthat frame. We cannot even think about closing any political party. Besides HDPis not happy what PKK did kill innocent people last 10 days.

Clearly Selahattin Demirtas, who is the co-chairman of HDP as wellas the other administrators and deputies like Altan Tan make their statementsin tender do not mean really after peace. They do not call PKK for ceasefirefor that reason. The greatest reason was TSK-Turkish Armed Forces efficient operationthat senses the world.

Just the days before IS-Islamic State terror attack in Suruc-Turkishcity by Sryian border, PKK and her columnists was threating the world powers intheir websites. Last in 10 days they changed to call ceasefire and ask thepeople protest. We have to remember the Barzani support on Turkey against PKKas well.

As Joseph Goebbels, propaganda officer for Adolf Hitler states “Alie repeated often enough becomes the truth”. That is the same strategy PKKfollows. Hence she puts her terror attacks behind other terror attack of IS inSuruc which has been killed 32 people. PKK holds account on Turkish government,so AKP-Justice and Development Party, so directly or indirectly Erdogan who wasfirst elected presedent of Turkey last year 2014.

This is that fatal condition even religious person like HudaKaya-HDP deputy which expectedly more sensitive on humanitarian purposes showsher by terrorist and does not hesitate being in the same picture with. Thepicture describes priority for people political benefits comes at the top ofthe list. The aim of IS and Turkish Authorities cooperation proof intend PKKterror activies legitimize. This is opposite of the reality that Turkey stirkeson IS bases in north Sryia and let coalition aircrafts uses Incirlik air basein Turkey against IS. Also Turkish police detained hundrends members of IS. Theproblem here is they are not happy with the same reaction against PKK whichrecognized terroris organization all over the world without any singleexception.

Without all these realities even we all turks would like to seePKK, HDP in legitimized political arena despite they all challenge these valuesand acting spokesman of terror.

Personally I insist to keep optimistic view on HDP. That is why I stillconsider them in legitimized. Even though all speculative rumors beforeelection, HDP wins 80 chairs in Turkish Parlement. That shows and proves howdemocracy exist in Turkey. If Demirtas states “Government needs to have armedforces and PKK needs to stop violence”, that supports me to keep optimism.

Here is the big sincerity test for PKK and HDP. If they would liketo scramble in democratic way help HDP thaw and they should stop violence rightaway. Otherwise Turkish force rage and revenge would be way worse.