Tunisia Bardo museum to reopen after bloody attack

'The traces of Wednesday's attack on the museum will not be wiped clean'

Tunisia’s Bardo Museum, which came under an armed attack on Wednesday that left 23 people dead, will reopen its doors on Tuesday but won’t remove the traces of the attack, the museum’s director has said.

“The traces of Wednesday’s attack on the museum will not be wiped clean,” Bardo Museum Director Moncef Ben Moussa told The Anadolu Agency.

“This place is a record of memory, and therefore the traces [of the attack] will remain as a witness to a particular incident that targeted a symbol of Tunisian culture,” Ben Moussa said.

“We will only clean the blood and make minor restorations,” he added.

On Sunday, families of Wednesday’s bloody attack visited the museum but refused to speak to the press, an Anadolu Agency correspondent reported.

At least 23 people, including 20 foreign tourists, were killed Wednesday when gunmen stormed Tunis’ Bardo Museum.

Tourists from Italy, Japan, Poland and Spain were among those killed in the attack, which was claimed by a Daesh-affiliated group in an audio recording.