Turkish doctors providing health services in Nepal

Turkish doctors providing health services in Nepal
International Doctors Association examine more than 500,000 earthquake survivors in Bhaktapur

Doctors from the Istanbul-based  International Doctors Association say they have aided more than 500,000 people inNepal in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which rocked the country on April 25.

The association, AID, has been providing health care to quake survivors since setting up tents in the city.

AID doctor Nedim Uzun said on Sunday: “Bhaktapur is one of the most-affected regions in Nepal.

“People have lost their homes and they live in very difficult conditions.”

He said AID needed more volunteer doctors, adding: “Our teams are working with their heart and soul.”

He said more than 200 people had died and more than 2,000 were wounded in Bhaktapur following the earthquake and consequent public health problems.

Uzun added there was a shortage of drinking water and medicine in the regions affected by the earthquake.

AID doctors have provided more than 30,000 chlorine removers and masks to people to help them clean water supplies and had taken the temperatures of about 40,000 people and examined more than 500,000.

The number of dead in Nepal following the earthquake rose to 7,056 on Sunday as rescuers continued to find more bodies.