Turkish-Russian relations increased instead of western sanctions

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The eponym of Turkish Stream, Russian Federation National Security Academy Foreign Economic Relations Vice President Talat Enver Çetin spoke out to TimesofTurkey.

The eponym of Turkish Stream project, which will transport Russian natural gas to Europe through Turkey, Lieutenant General Talat Enver Çetin, Russian Federation National Security Academy Foreign Economic Relations Vice President, has evaluated the increasing Russian-Turkish relations. Lieutenant General Çetin has sorted the investment areas required in North Caucasus where 7 republics bound to Russia are included, and he invited Turkish businessmen to make investments in the region.

Lieutenant General Çetin is of Turkish origin like the Russian Federation National Defense Minister Sergey Soygu, and he mentioned the relations between Turkey and Russia and North Caucasus in his private speech to TimesofTurkey.

Lieutenant General Çetin has mentioned the geographical, demographic and cultural structure of North Caucasus, saying: “North Caucasus is at Southern Russia and it has fertile and fruitful agricultural land. The lands are between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, therefore they have strategic importance. There are 7 autonomous republics in this region, all dependent on Russia. The relatives of millions of Caucasians who live in Turkey are living in these republics. They speak different languages but their culture and traditions are same, and most of the population is Muslim”.


Lieutenant General Çetin associate the relation between Turkey and Russia with Germany and France, and he said that the relations now have a new dimension:

talat enver çetin
Talat Enver Çetin

“Even though Turkey and Russia were engaged in war in the past because of a competition, the changing world balances today force these countries to establish a long term strategic partnership. It is very similar to the case of Germany and France, which fought each other in both world wars and now they own the European Union. Turkey and Russia are walking towards a similar destiny. Russia and Turkey have a lot of common values and problems. When we consider the fact that half of the people of North Caucasia live in Russia and the other half in Turkey; we can see the vastness of the binding relationship. Another common value is the Russian-Turkish marriages and the born children. According to official statistics, there are 300 thousand marriages and 1 million children. When the dual nationality and military service problems for these kids are resolved, they will be the locomotives for the development of both countries. If the economic cooperation of Russia and Turkey is increased, both countries will become leader countries in the world by acting with a win-win principle.”



Lieutenant General Çetin has said that the Turkish businessmen have new investment opportunities in North Caucasia: “As the vice president of National Security Academy responsible from Foreign Economic Relations, we are ready to provide all the support for Turkish investors to make their investments in Russia and in North Caucasia particularly. There are fruitful and tempting investment opportunities almost in every republic of North Caucasia. As a response to the unjust sanctions implemented by Western countries, we have stopped tour commercial relations with those countries and disposed their products at our border gates; therefore there are serious gaps in supplies. As Russia, we wish to close these gaps via investments in these regions. And we sincerely expect these investments to be conducted with Caucasian origin individuals in Turkey and by the Turks with whom we have common traditions, culture and destiny and we consider Turkey as a strategic partner as well. There are very important initiatives to promote investments. For instance, we need immediate investments on chicken farms, high technology big greenhouses, and meat and dairy products complex combinations.”

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