We are assertive on construction sector

murat oktay2
Interview with Executive Board President of Saf Bims and Murat Construction Murat Oktay

– Can you provide us information about Bims?

Murat Oktay: “Bims is a type of mineral and it is very rare in our country; it is mostly seen in Bitlis and around it. Saf Bims is our own production and we provide it to the consumers with no intermediaries. It is more productive and healthy than construction materials such as brick and briquette in terms of price, quality, endurance and practicality. It is also cheap in terms of cost. Some of the main reasons of its popularity in the construction sector in recent years are mostly these; and it does not necessitate any “heat insulation”, thereby decreasing the costs and making the building more solid against any risks of earthquake.”


– What is your daily production capacity and your target audience?

Murat Oktay: SAF BIMS factory is located in the district of Ahlat, province of Bitlis on an area of 38.000 square meters and it has annual 40.000.000 pieces production capacity with 19.196 decares of pumice mineral area, thereby one of the biggest BIMS factories in Turkey. The demand in internal market is very high. Almost all the regions from Turkey request Bims and we are doing our best to produce the requested amount. We also export to Northern Iraq. We are evaluating the requests from other Middle Eastern countries and we will have agreements very soon. We are planning to increase our capacity. We will increase the number of our mines and machinery equipment; thereby doubling out daily production capacity and give out new franchises.”


-What would you say about the current situation of construction sector?

Murat Oktay: “Our government provides all the convenience for constructions. Government has abolished most of the bureaucratic transactions about construction to make things easier for construction companies, and provided great opportunities for the contractors. The new projects developed by TOKI within the sector have established a great potential for the sector. Private constructions continue with a great pace, and there is no stagnation in the market. Also, there is an added value contributed by the Syrians and other refugees in our country. In parallel with a need for shelter, construction sector grows up every day. The most important part of this job is to abide by the laws. Anyone who does his/her job in a proper way will be successful in this sector as in any other sector. Potential and profit is always there, but especially for those who are honest and proper in their business.”