Daesh killed 120 civilians in western Mosul: Military

Daesh killed 120 civilians in western Mosul Military
Civilians were killed over the past 48 hours, an Iraqi army officer says

Daesh has killed 120 civilians over the past 48 hours in western Mosul, according to an Iraqi army officer on Friday.

Lt. Dargam al-Haydari with Iraq’s Rapid Response Division told Anadolu Agency that some of the civilians were killed as they attempted to flee the clashes between Iraqi security forces and Daesh terrorists in the region.

“Some others were executed by the organization, while others were killed in bomb attacks carried out by the group,” Al-Haydari said.

Over 150 civilians including 70 women and children were evacuated from Daesh-held Zanjili district by the Iraqi forces, he added.

Iraqi federal police said in a statement that the security forces had taken 40 percent of the district under control, and opened safe corridors for the evacuation of civilians.

Karim Ziyab

, an officer with the federal police, said more than 400 civilians stuck in Zanjili district had been rescued by the security forces since Thursday evening.

Nearly 800,000 civilians have fled northern Iraq’s Mosul city since the start of the military operation in February while an estimated 180,000 others remain in Daesh-controlled areas, according to UN figures on Tuesday.

Iraq has been roiled by violence since Daesh seized vast swathes of territory in northern and western Iraq in 2014. Iraqi forces, backed by air cover from a U.S.-led coalition, are currently engaged in a widespread offensive to dislodge Daesh from Mosul, the terrorist group’s last stronghold in Iraq.