EU Journey of Turkey and the Cyprus Problem

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Turkey has received the official status of candidate country 40 years after its application to EU and the last 15 years has been an era of keeping Turkey busy at the gates of EU.

Turkey has received the official status of candidate country 40 years after its application to EU and the last 15 years has been an era of keeping Turkey busy at the gates of EU.

Europeans have ideological, ethnic and religious concerns and they never had a good intention to accept a Muslim and Turkish state. It is possible to see the religious and ideological policies which justify the discourse of “This is a Christian union” used by some of our political leaders. For instance, the European authorities were very popular who have said that if Turkey accepted the Annan Plan, which was prepared to reach an agreement between the Greek Cypriot side and the TRNC, and then it would become a member.

Referendum results have indicated that the 75 % of the Greek Cypriots said no to the plan, and 65 % of Turkish Cypriots said yes. So, the Turkish side has done what needed to be done. As the Greek Cypriot side needed to be punished and isolated globally as a result of this; Turkish side was punished again. Greek Cypriots, who have rejected the Annan Plan, were in fact rewarded and accepted as EU member to represent the whole island; and the Turkish side which accepted the Plan remained outside the Union. The policy of isolating TRNC continued.

As a result of this referendum; UN General Secretary has made a powerful call for the international society and the Security Council to lift the embargo and restrictions on Turkish Cypriots and requested to end the implementations restricting and isolating Turkish Cypriots. Major Powers which supported the argument that isolations on TRNC should be lifted did not do anything in practice to realize these requests.

In fact, Greek Cypriots who did not accept the Annan Plan have done a great favor for the Turkish side. If the Plan was accepted; the legal rights of Turkey would be restricted, Turkish Cypriots would have a second class attitude and a state under the Greek hegemony would have appeared. If we said “YES”, we would be experiencing the economic problems faced by Greeks today and then realize that we damaged ourselves.

Also, Turkish side would have given 450.000 acres of land. This means, whether the plan resulted positive or negative, the destiny of Turkey and TRNC would have not changed. Those who put the solution of Cyprus problem as a prerequisite for the full membership of Turkey to EU would find another excuse and keep Turkey waiting in front of the European doors. By accepting the Greek Cypriot side as the sole representative of Whole Island, EU has violated the actual and legal existence of Turkey.

On the other hand, Greek Cypriot state has closed 6 articles to Turkey with the claims that Turkey has shut down its ports and airports to Greek Cypriot ships and planes and also with the claim of violating the Customs Union. EU Foreign Affairs Council is executing blockage to Turkey under 8 articles due to reasons that Turkey does not open its ports to Greek Cypriots and that Turkey does not implement the additional protocol. ECHR, on the other hand, has sentenced Turkey for a compensation of 90 million Euros because of Cyprus Peace Operation, thereby deepening the problem.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Davutoglu has mentioned that Turkey will not pay this amount and that the decision was unacceptable, and added that Turkey does not recognize the decision. Support provided to USA by England and France during the Iraq War means that they are the accomplices of crime.

So, why are there no compensations against England and France, but Turkey faces with such a problem? The answer lies in ideological, political and religious sensitivities. European Union has an obsession of not including a Muslim country. This is an ideological obsession which turns the EU blind to realize that the intervention of Turkey into Cyprus is a reaction derived from its right in “Lisbon and Zurich” agreements. Turkey is definitely sure that it will not become a member of the EU; but it is also a country with the goal to reach the European values. Turkey is working hard to establish a society with high-level European values such as “human rights, supremacy of law

, democracy and freedom”, living in peace and prosperity.



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