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We submit the second issue of our journal for your like on time and with an enriched content.

Hello dear friends,

We submit the second issue of our journal for your like on time and with an enriched content.

Rapidly developing world balances and the multi-dimensional political events in the region make it harder for us to make accurate and affirmative predictions for the future.

“Global powers” which execute Middle East focused policies have become the carriers of problems stemming from this region. In particular, millions of refugees migrated to the countries in the region because of the civil war in Syria have directed themselves to EU countries and this causes a problem for the economic and social balances in Western countries.

Russia is the latest incomer to the imperialist contest of gaining benefit from the civil war and conflict in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries; which displays a mini “World War”.

In this issue, we will have analyses and comments on the games played in Middle East and we will also share the articles of valuable professors along with our opinions on the past.

We have mentioned about the works and services provided by two mayors who have done significant and successful things in terms of municipality administration. Municipalities have a significant place for the vital sphere of public

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, and they also constitute the air-tube of our daily lives.

Within this context, we will provide you some examples of Sahinbey Municipality which has executed very special and successful projects in Turkey and certified by international institutions; and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality which had a struggle with the unplanned urbanization and achieved to solve the traffic problem in the city.

The interest on Times of Turkey news portal and journal is increasing and we are doing our best in terms of objectivity and readable reports with our staff.

We wish you a pleasant reading similar with the morning coffee.

Until we meet again, good bye.





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